CPU 64*c, M/B 45*c - Hot or alright ?

I just bought a new computer with the Asus A7V M/B, an Athlon 1.2Ghz, Chrome Orb Socket A cooling fan and an extra case fan.

According to Asus Probe, my CPU is running at 64 degress celcius and motherboard at 45 degrees, are these set of temp. alright ?

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  1. That is a little warm, but I have heard that the Asus temp utility gives higer readings. Most people have suggested downloading the latest utility from Asus, then check the temp. I have not seen great things about the Chrome Orb cooler, but I feel the tests are too subjective to the enviroment the CPU is in. My TBird 1.2Ghz idles at 35C and maxes out at 51C with the Alpha PAL6035 heatsink with the Sunon 30cfm fan, which is the quieter fan option for the heatsink. I can overclock to 1370mhz and the temp still never get above 54C under load. The Asus readings are supposedly +10C to compensate for something, and if that is the case you could be just fine. Is your CPU too hot to touch? Are you having lockups from heat induced problems?
  2. Yeah- but I wouldn't worry about it. It is running at 1.2Ghz.

    -MP Jesse
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