Someone recommend me a good gaming monitor

Someone pls recommend me a good gaming monitor, high quality & performance, it must be under £250- have HDMI, 2ms, 1920 x 1080 and good performance :)
thx :D
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  1. and also on a 3D monitor can i also view it as 2d? like i mean can it switch between 3D to 2D and will the quality be affected?
  2. Yes, you can use a 3D monitor for 2D content with no problems. 3D monitors are just normal 120Hz monitors with special glasses, and you can just use them as 120Hz monitors. You won't find any 3D monitor under £250, though.
    IMO it's not really worth going over 24" on 1920x1080, as you start noticing individual pixels on larger screens, so you won't be spending that much. Do you have an electronics retailer of choice? I'm used to going by Newegg :P
    Why do you want 2ms? I don't think that matters. Anyway, here we are, £150:
  3. ty, i want 2ms since i use the monitor mostly for gaming, i found a pretty good 3d monitor which is only £190 but im not sure if its good quality, have a look:
    and another 3d monitor which is £135 prob low quality because of the low price

    which one do you think is better?
    And is it worth buying a 3d monitor? I know it is, but just in case.. :D
  4. Those LGs only work with AMD cards. What do you have? If you've got Nvidia in your box, you should get a set, a monitor that comes with Nvidia 3D Vision 2 glasses.
    Also, you need to have a decent setup overall if you want to take advantage of 3D, mostly because your perceived framerate will be cut in half. If you want an apparent 60fps, you'll need to be rocking games at 120fps on whatever low settings or on whatever fantastic GPU (or two) it takes to make that happen.
    There are advantages and disadvantages to both Nvidia's and AMD's proprietary 3D technologies. You can check them out in Tom's review from last year here:,3050-11.html
    I don't know how many of the software issues have been ironed out at this point, but you can generally check game compatibility, at least, on the Nvidia and AMD websites.
  5. i got amd radeon hd 7970 , so it will be alright with me right? What do you think about the monitor if u know
  6. should i look for another monitor or this will be good in ur opinion
  7. should i get the iiyama monitor that u linked me or should i buy this:
    its a 3d monitor but if i was viewing both of them in 2d which one will be better for gaming?

  8. and also 1 last question, can you notice the difference between 2ms and 3 ms?
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