PIII 933 TEmp

I've recently put together a Jetway Via mobo with this chip.
In Sandra 2001 i'm getting a cpu temp of 53c, fan speed 6027rpm, and mobo temp of 37c.
And all I'm doing is sitting on the web posting !

The fan that came with the chip is a "Thermal Master". There was also what I assume was some thermal paste on the under side of the heatsink (white stuff, vaguely sticky...I don't even want to think about it, heh !). There was also something that looked like a bit of thin, hard plastic.

I think I've fitted the heatsink etc. on properly, so are these temps normal for this PIII, and what is the safe upper limit ?

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  1. did you remove that "thin plastic" from the "white stickey stuff"?
  2. The square of "white stuff" was on the bottom of the heat sink.
    The thin plastic looked as if it had had the square removed..........?
  3. Plastic is an insulator and should be removed. If your fan is adequate your CPU should run no higher than 48C as long as the air inside the case is lower than 95F (35C).

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  4. I didn't explain very well.
    Inside the box was a heatsink connected to a fan with goo on the underside.
    The plastic was attactched to a strip inside the box
  5. Well, then your fan just sucks. Get the big OEM Intel fan that came with the 933 and is availble separately at several venders.

    Suicide is painless...........
  6. i have the same processor as u and the temperature that SiSoft Sandra 2001 says for the temp for my cpu is around the 45-47 degrees celcius, fan speed is 3479rpm, board temp is 31.

    and the white stuff on the other side of the heat sink, i didn't remove it when i installed the fan on the CPU...

    the motherboard that i use is a Asus P3V4X.

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