TV with gaming computer/buy new monitor?

I am going to be building a gaming computer soon (~$1000 build, with one gtx670 on a mid range z77 board and an i5 ivy bridge CPU).
I have been planning on budgeting a little extra money for a monitor, but I don't know what size/resolution would be best. I wouldn't want to spend more than $200-$300 on a new monitor. Can you guys suggest a few that are good deals?

I also already have a 22" 720p LCD HDTV (LINK). What is the feasibility of using this as either a primary or secondary display with another monitor. I'm a little clueless when it comes to displays.

If I can't use the TV, I'll just get a new monitor and use the TV for console gaming.

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  1. A 1080p TV is usable as a monitor, but a 720p TV not so much. I haven't done much with multiple monitor setups myself, but other forum posters have mentioned that it works best with identical monitors and all in the same orientation, so that you don't have to worry about different resolutions or pixel pitch. Using the TV separately for console gaming might be better, though some monitors, such as the Samsung P2770HD, have extra connectivity that would allow you to hook up your game consoles.
  2. In that case, I'll forget using the TV for gaming and I'll budget myself for a monitor. The TV didn't cost that much, and it works quite well at my console gaming station.

    Can you suggest a goo $200-$300 monitor that can handle 1920x1080?
  3. Newegg has 168 monitors that fit those criteria. The best rated is the Asus VH242H, but the Asus VW246H isn't far behind. If you want an LED backlight, the Asus VS248H-P is the best rated in your price range. If you want a PVA panel for better static contrast, there's the NEC EX231WP-BK. If you want an IPS panel for better viewing angles, you could look at the Asus VS229H-P or the Dell U2312HM. If you want a 27 inch diagonal, the best rated in your price range is the Acer H274HLbmd. For connecting game consoles to the monitor, I suggest the Samsung T24B350ND. If you want 120hz, you could look at the Acer GD235HZbid.
  4. I don't know what half of those things really mean. The things like LED backlight, PVA panel, IPS panes (viewing angles), 120hz.

    Can you explain the merits of those features to me? Or perhaps link me to a faq you know has good info and I can read up myself?

    Thanks a lot for the help and the suggestions! I'll probably keep an eye on those options and jump when I see a good deal somewhere.
  5. Thanks a lot for the links! Now I can actually make an educated decision.
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