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my windows 2000 PC died, bought a new gateway i3 windows 7 pro 64 bit, bought an external IED to usb2 drive enclosure, removed my 2000 IDE drive (MAXTOR DIAMONMAX10 model 6L250R0) - removed the jumper from drive to make it a slave -- and connected it to my new windows 7 pro 64 bit PC - message displayed once that said no compatible driver - now does nothing - does not recognize a usb device is even there - does not show on any windows screen (explorer, manager, usb.....) - any idea how to get a driver that will work????? and how to install it???
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  1. Check if it shows up in your BIOS. If the BIOS doesn't see it, then Windows won't.
  2. Usb drives must have the Master jumper/ not the slave.

    That may be your problem as I cannot imagine MS not having a generic usb mass storage driver for 64 bit v of windows

    I guess (once you select the right jumper config), if it still doesn't work you can try manually selecting a driver instead of relying on the plug and play driver
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