AMD sucks update - your gonna like this!

I did indeed try many of the suggestions from other board members to try to get my multitasking problems solved with my new AMD Tbird 900 and Chaintech mobo... I am also big enough to say I may have jumped the gun.

I certainly wasnt expecting to have to negotiate through all the hassles I did to get this setup working but low and behold if it aint running like a finely tuned Ferrari!!

I wish I could say exactly what made it all finally start working but I think it had to do with installing a beta of the VIA 4in1 patch - ver 4.27 - current ver on VIA site is 4.25 I think - anyhow once that baby went in man this AMD 900 really started to rock!

Someone mentioned about updating the sound card drivers becuase they found when they had done that it solved some I did that aswell and check the BIOS settings again which werent a problem - but all that was before the updated VIA patch went in.

Anyhow to make a long story short my AMD Tbird 900 is working really good now. Its multitasking terrific aswell, which was my biggest problem.

Thanks to all of you who helped with offering some suggestions - it did spur me on!

Its also nice to point out that the Chaintech 7AJA is not the "cheap" board some were saying. The fact that its performing great now and the review on Tom's here of it holding ground with Abit mobos proves alot about its quality.

Anyhow, thanks again. Just thought I'd be a standup guy and let everyone know the outcome was positive :).

-= hangdaug =-
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  1. It's good to see that you had the guts to stick it out and do the research to make your system run as it should. Sorry I dissed your mobo, but I have always used asus and Gigabyte w/ no such issues (also no Win2k).


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  2. :) Glad to hear it and like I said chaintech is a good the way there is a via 4.28 final version available if you feel up to the far it seems to be the best of all of them. I don't think there is an amd user out there that would not like another alternative to VIA however with a little bit of work they still perform well (via that is). Maybe your first post should have read VIA sucks....????

    glad to hear you are now impressed

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  3. A little bit of persistence paid off. I'm glad you solved the problem. Not that the P3 550 wasn't a good processor in it's day, but I think you'll agree that when you have things setup properly it can't hold a stick in multitasking to the Athlon 900, and probably not an Athlon 550 for that matter.
  4. Sorry, I am new at this, and I don't exactly get it.
    What is VIA 4in1 patch about? In short, was your problem due to the mobo brand chaintech or any mobo which reads VIA chipset? What is driver about? Does a mobo need driver like a video card?
  5. happy to hear you got that running. those small little updates & things were worth it, eh?

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  6. Grats bro, glad to see everything worked out. So even though 10% of the responses to your questions were partly flames, at least you got enough explanations to figure things out.

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  7. hehe - yes... I guess my post should have been titled "VIA sucks" - good one! ... I was real close to giving up but I am glad I hung in there - the 4.27 patch saved the day... I am interested in the 4.28 so I'll have to hunt that baby down - thanks to everyone who offered help and suggestions... maybe even a thanks to the flamers who got me worked up enough to keep trying! haha - my apologies for anything I posted in the "heat" of the moment to anyone but some of you guys can get nasty at times! <chuckles> stuff, thanks!

    -= hangdaug =-
  8. Hangdaug, being a Thunderbeird user 1GHZ, I've followed this thread closely, your're a persistent fellow and also a good sport. Well done....
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