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My professor has asked me to come up with a system for a digital camera he is buying for our fluorescence microscope. It seems he is not interested in digital video recording just minimal photoediting. He wants to put the most money into a 19" or 21" monitor (any suggestions) and good photo quality printer and wants to skimp on the computer. Am I sacrificing anything by buying a dirt cheap Compuke (Compaq) with a (choke) Celeron. We don't care about upgradability since the computer will be dedicated to the camera only (which will likely have a USB not firewire interface). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. I don't know anything about "fluorescence microscopes" but you may take a look at the "Intel Play" article on this sight

    <A HREF="http://www6.tomshardware.com/consumer/00q1/000330/index.html" target="_new">http://www6.tomshardware.com/consumer/00q1/000330/index.html</A>

    I think it may plug into a TV, I could be wrong. You could forgo the computer all together.

    But if you really need to save on a computer to just display the pictures I suggest finding a good used computer.

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  2. Actually, just to clarify, I'm not looking for a microscope or digital camera, already got that taken care of. Just wondering if a sh**ty little compuke system will be fine for downloading and editing digital images (no video). Thanks
  3. You'd want decent amount of ram 128-256. The more cpu the better but no need to go overboard. You won't need sound or any other media stuff so that will save you money. Also, no need for a 3d card either. You should be able to find good 2d cards for fairly good prices.
  4. i would advice against getting compaq. everything about them sucks and you will have trouble, even if you're just doing a little photo editing. your best bet is to put together an AMD system, or maybe a Pentium2. Whatever you taste is. But I would put it together youself, not buy (Especially not from Compaq).

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  5. honestly, I would stay away from Compaqs. They are dirt cheap, but often a bitch to deal with. I got a Amd 533 or something, for my mother a little whiel back, with 128MB ram, 8MB video card, Cd-RW etc, for 450 dollars.... it works okay, but I curse the day that I need to try to upgrade it..

    -AMD's are not for the faint of heart... Intels? those are for newbies :o)-
  6. i like your signature

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  7. And also with most manufacturers (dell, gateway, Compaq and etc) They'll send it to you with some drivers not even working.

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  8. Get a cheapo E-Machines or something and put in extra ram. Displaying pictures is not a difficult job for any PC. Even my wifes old machine with an i810 chipset did a good job of displaying photos on its otherwise crappy integrated video.

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