Best Cherry MX Switch for Gaming?

I will be getting my first mechanical keyboard in a couple of weeks.

I game, but I also type a lot. I personally would put my gaming performance first. So I am looking for the best of the best switch for gaming.

What games? Mostly FPS, if not, only FPS.

I hear that black is the best overall... but I've also heard blue is good for FPS games, and good for typing, too. Then I hear red is black but lighter making it good for gaming but also typing... what should I go with!?


// Vallataa.
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  2. chalk it up to personal preference.

    there are silent models without tactile feedback. some prefer these models without letoff for gaming but the letoff is what makes mechanical keyboards great in my opinion.

    as for the models with letoff, everything depends on your preferences. i like my keys to have a strong resistance. this eliminates accidental keypresses during gaming or typing.

    i would say go with the stiffest switches you can in a feedback/letoff design.
  3. i personally like my lappy keyboard, really light to push the buttons in. What switch is closest to it?
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  5. thats the answer.. personal preference. there really is no "best switch"

    if you want an in depth listing...i know there is a huge guide on the switches and different keyboard models over at hardforum or i forget which. it goes over the different resistances and characteristics as well as some keyboards (from that time period) which had which switches.
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