Looking to buy 27 inch monitor with 2560x1140

I'm currently looking for a new monitor and i'd like it to be a 27 inch 2560x1440 res.
I want hdmi, dvi dual-link outputs.
I do almost everything, gaming, photo editing, 3d animations.
BTW, my rig is good enough for all i want to do.
If you could help me find a good one.
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    I think you mean hdmi and dvi inputs (since I don't know of any monitor with video outputs), but there are a few. The best known would be the Dell U2711, but if you're in the UK, you might be able to get a Hazro HZ27WD for less. I think there are some South Korean models like the Shimian Achieva and Yamakasi Catleap that have variations with HDMI (and I think some have glossy screens if you prefer that), but I haven't looked into when and how to pay import tax for those. There's also the Fujitsu P27T-6 and the Samsung S27B970D.
    If you can live without the hdmi connection (either by using a converter to DVI or DisplayPort, or by using a capture device), you could consider the HP ZR2740w as a less expensive (except for the South Korean models) option, or the Apple 27 inch Cinema display if you want a glossy screen.
  2. What about the Samsung s27a850t?
    Have problem seeing the difference between it and the older s27a850d.
    Can't seem to find much about it.
    Thx, Ben
  3. Looks to me like the s27a850t has more inputs - usb, hdmi, dvi, and displayport, whereas the s27a850d only has dvi. Also, it looks like the s27a850t is only available in the UK and Australia.
  4. Would you get the s27a850t over the s27b970d?
    And why?
  5. For myself? No, for two reasons:
    1. I live in the US, and the s27a850t doesn't seem to be available from US websites
    2. I have older game consoles that require component and composite hookups, which make the Dell U2711 more attractive to me than any of the Samsung monitors at this resolution (though if I knew of a good video capture device, I'd look closer at those South Korean models available on eBay that only have dual-link dvi)
  6. I'll only be using hdmi and not component/composite. (Emulators for older consoles)
    For that reason, would you still choose dell u2711 over samsung s27b970d?
  7. Yes. The Samsung S27B970D's LED backlight is attractive for lower power consumption, but the monitor is more expensive than the U2711, and as far as I can tell, the Samsung doesn't have an audio out port, so if the built-in speakers are unsatisfying, you'd have to get an extra device to be able to use separate speakers.
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