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I'm building a new system with an Athlon Slot A Motherboard. In the board specs it states that the processor support is for a slot a athlon only. I went on E-Bay and bought a 700 AMD Thunderbird Slot A. From what I understand, as long as its slot a, its an athlon. Am I going to have a compatability problem? Is this processor considered an athlon slot a processor or an Athlon-Thunderbird slot A? I'm still waiting for the mobo and CPU. I thought that slot a are all athlons. I hope I didn't get the wrong CPU. Can someone give me some input?
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  1. We'll need some more info on the motherboard. Basically only motherboard's using the Irongate chipset officially support Slot A Thunderbird's, but a lot people have gotten them working on mobo's with other chipsets.

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  2. Yeah, its a Gateway motherboard with an AMD 751 Irongate Chipset. Its suppose to support seventh generation AMD K7 Processors. I think I may be in luck.
  3. Lucky you. It should be fine with the Slot A Thunderbird then. Good luck.

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  4. As far as I've seen As long as its on an AMD chipset it should work fine. I know the VIA KX chipset has compatability issues with thunderbirds.

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  5. Thanks.
  6. no problem.

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  7. Hmm let me guess you got a board from perhaps turbo pc? LOL, yes this chip will run on your board you have coming and run rather nicely I may add. I have one myself ( I have 4 computers) Same board with a slot a t-bird 750 mhz running at 900 rock solid stable. I few things I might add. the irongate chipset only supports pc-100 SDRAM. Pc-133 will run fine in it but at 100 mhz. So more importantly than getting pc-133 make sure you get cas2. Also, avoid the geforce cards with this board, they have a small issue and will only run at agp 1x. Although this hardly affects performance, a much a better choice for this board is the ati radeon. There is an updated bios also for this board so be sure to download it. If you want to have some fun get yourself a GFD and overclock that puppy, one thing nice abou the slot birds is you can still use the gfd's
    I have less than 100 bucks in my board and cpu ( plus 15 for the gfd) and I get a cpumark99 score of 82.....not to shabby and hey...its not VIA!

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