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Windows 7 Web Filter

January 7, 2013 5:50:32 PM

Hi, i have had this Web Filter problem in my windows 7 operation system for quite some time now. I think the filter kind of went ON, it was probably caused by virus or update i don't really know to be truthfull..

So i started searching websites which might have the solution, yes there has been many sites where it is told correctly but no one ever seems to include a pictures with the solution for that problem so i decided to do that so who ever encounters the same problem that i had to go through will know how to set on the sex/drug/violence etc filtering.

This guide is very short and i will include pictures so you know exactly what to do and where to go.

Ok let's start by going to destop -> Start Menu.

After that you will immidietly see this search box near the start button location you wanna type "Web-Settings" or "Internet-settings" and you should see just one result like shown on the picture below.

After that you wanna press the result tab or what ever its called and you should see very similiar box like this, go to the "Content" Tab, fourth tab from the left to the right, but i have marked it so you can see it.

After you have clicked the "Content" Tab you should come up with a similiar looking page like this, press the Settings button in the Content security area.

After that you come up with this box where you want to feed your administrator password, that is if you are an administrator and have acces to that password to continue.

After you have finally made on the other side of the fence then this is what you have been looking for the "Web-Filter" or better know as "Content-Filter" now you are free to set your poundries for your web searching.

Hope this helps you guys, thanks.

Edit; I Had to register because i felt the urgent need to share this even though you might know how to do this already, but at least this stays here for those who might need it in future.

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