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I have searched all over the place for a solution but nothing i have come across has worked so i decided i would come here and ask. My computer keeps crashing while i am playing 3d games and only then. My case is clean and dusted out. It does not over heat or get any were close to over heating while gaming. I run hwinfo and msi afterburner to see my specs in game.
It all started when i upgraded from 32bit to 64bit use nvidia7 aka the modified windows 7 by nvidia. I researched it a bit and people were saying that nvidia 7 64bit has some issues so i went to normal windows7 ultimate 32bit and had the same problem then on windows7 ultimate 64 bit. I have run mem test and cpu stress test gpu stress tests and have had no problem. When it crashes is stays on the last visible image and loops the last millisecond of sound. Only way to get it out of that is to hard restart it. The hottest my card got was a 1080p burn in stress test was 71c which is a little hot but in game both cod4 and bf3 i only get 45c

core 2 quad @ 2.4 oced to 2.8 that i dropped back down to 2.4
Gtx560 oced dropped back down to factory specs
2x2gb Patriot g series
750w coolermaster power supply
msi g41m4 motherboard
coolermaster v6 cpu cooler
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  1. Well your cpu is pretty ancient, and your GPU is WAY too powerful for your CPU. That could be a reason for the crashes. I doubt it is though.
  2. couldn't be because i ran the gtx560 with a Pentium ht for a while and ive had this set up for a while before it died
  3. Crashing in 3-d points directly to the video driver. Try one version older (the latest isn't always the best)
  4. thats what i had thought but every where i went people said it didnt work so i didnt want to try it. im rolling them back right now and i will let you know if that worked.
  5. rolled them back to 306.23 from 310.90 and it still crashes but even sooner now
  6. Ah, I missed the part where you were overclocking the GPU. It's entirely possible that the VRAM or the GPU have been damaged by the overclock. It could also be a heat problem. You might consider replacing the thermal compound on the GPU and VRAM and reseating the heatsinks.
  7. I'd do the following:

    1. Uninstall all GFX drivers
    2. Clean registry using Ccleaner or other tool to remove all things nvidia.
    3. Reboot
    4. Install latest drivers.

    If that don't work, a fresh Windows install is in order.

    Have you checked event viewer or had ya dump files analyzed to determine the cause of the problem ?
  8. like i said i have done 2 installs of windows since this happened last one being last night. Only installed the latest driver. till a little bit ago i started choosing random ones

    bubblehead i did that about a month ago when the problem started. but its not a heat related problem because it doesnt go above 45c in game.
  9. The primary suspect for me would be the video card. If you reinstalled Windows several times and tried different drivers and it keeps crashing, it has to be something hardware related, most probably the video card. Did you check if there was a firmware upgrade available for your GPU? You never know it could help. Otherwise is the card still under warranty? Also is it crashing in one game in particular or every games? It could also be another driver, motherboard, chipset, soundcard, maybe try a different version of drivers for those as well.
  10. I note that you were overclocking. I've also seen this exact crash on overclocked machines when timings and voltages were incorrectly set. Have you performed a CMOS reset to set everything back to default?
  11. MC its every game and firmware update didnt help. i have tried a lot of different drivers
    bubble yes i have and still doesnt help.
  12. Check your Ram Modules, Swap them around or use just one Module at a particular time.

    If you any other Ram Modules available, try those
  13. i have done that also pulled both out and mixed them around and i get the same thing still. im about to pull my buddies gtx560 out and see if mine some how got messed up when i over clocked it
  14. I swapped out graphics cards and got new drivers and still crashes. changed psu and to see if it had some power glitch that would shut it off during high powerdraw and it still crashes.
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