Which is Best for my money? (ASUS G53 model comparison)

Greetings Tom's Hardware,

I am interested in purchasing an ASUS G53JW (or equivalent) for gaming and I want to get the best value for my money. I have discovered that the G53 comes in at least 3 different forms with different extras for each.
Please tell me which of the three ASUS G53 models from this page is best for my money.

If you CBF reading through them, the differences are:
1) 6GB RAM, 1366x768 screen, 500GB HDD
2) 6GB (upgradeable to 8GB or 12GB), 1920x1080 screen, 750GB HDD, "free" mouse and bag
3) 8GB RAM, 1920x1080 screen, 2x500GB HDDs, "free" mouse, bag and headset, Blu-Ray reader

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  1. personally - id pick one without nvidia graphics (they all fail after ~2-3 years) and what suited my needs

    its more your choice
  2. I hear what you are saying about the nvidea cards however the ATI cards are found in other specification areas; they are found in the very best of laptops and dominate the mid-range laptops. Only nvidea cards can be found in my price range.

    Can you offer any opinions in the above 3 computers?
  3. 3rd one, 500gbx2 is a real plus point
  4. Did you see the difference in price?
    Is $400 worth it for 2GB RAM, Blu-Ray, Full HD screen and extra 500GB HDD?
    Besides, I do not want this as a desktop replacement, not at all. I have a powerful desktop for when I am home but I am becoming an increasingly more mobile person.

    I am actually considering something like the ASUS N61JQ with its Radeon 5730M for only $1259. The 5730 is a relatively powerful card and the left over money will allow me to upgrade my desktop as well.
  5. well i would say get an i3 with 5650 and save 400-600$ for upgrading your desktop, laptops were never for hardcore gaming, its just a waste of money, but people donot understand that fact.
  6. I want a laptop that will perform very well across the board and that will not be made redundant by technological advancements over the next few years. I need this to get me through College and University.

    I considered the ASUS N61 for $1259 and that is the minimum performance I am prepared to purchase. I do not want anything less powerful as I will want a better one by the time I leave College.

    Also, I built a budget gaming PC in September 2009 with a 2.8GHz dual core, 4GB RAM and a nVidea 9600GT. Already, after barely a year more, I am wanting a more powerful graphics card and a quad-core cpu.

    I do not want to be in the same situation after buying a laptop.
  7. Klosteral said:
    I want a laptop that will perform very well across the board and that will not be made redundant by technological advancements over the next few years.
    Not possible for gaming laptops.
    -> See your experience with the gaming desktop. At least there you can upgrade the GPU easily for reasonable prices.

    For the price of an excellent (non-gaming) laptop you get something that can handle all your educational requirements and leave you enough money left over to upgrade your desktop to 2011 high gaming standards.
    Otherwise what you'll end up with in 18 months is a laptop AND a desktop that are falling behind gaming at the top end graphics settings.

    You're over-thinking this whole process IMO.
  8. I think I see what you are getting at.
    I still believe I will buy the G53JW now and scrounge up some money to upgrade my desktop later in the year (spring).

    The ASUS G53 weighs about 3.4kg while the N61 weighs 2.95kg. I do not think that is too different. 500g and $500 more is worth it for a better CPU and GPU, considering laptops cannot be upgraded. I am considering a $500 upgrade for my desktop so that seems reasonable.

    Thank you for your opinions.
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