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Can you use a 9 cell battery for an Acer AS7552G-6061 AMD. Comments are about the 6 cell battery having a short life, but nobody says anything about getting a different battery. Only about getting a faster HD and maybe more ram. Longer life would be nice for outside work.
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  1. The standard 48.8 W 4400 mAh 6-cell Li-ion battery pack has an estimated runtime of 2.2 hours.

    The high-capacity 99 W 9000 mAh 9-cell Li-ion battery pack that you can get for the AS7552G has an estimated runtime of 4.5 hours.

    You can always carry a spare battery pack of whatever capacity you choose as a backup just in case.
  2. I was not able to find a spare battery of either size for the Acer AS7552G or AS7745G one being AMD and the other being Inter i
  3. Here's a hint... look on eBay! :sol:
  4. Well your question was "Can you use a 9 cell battery ...".

    You can get a replacement 6 Cell Acer Aspire AS7552G Battery from here:

    I haven't seen a source for the 9-cell battery. I've only seen mention of the 9-cell battery in Acer's AS7552G info here in Canada. Nothing about availability.
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    This is all I could find on eBay. It looks like they never got around to making a 9-cell for that laptop. It must be a weird battery because they have tons for the Aspire One netbooks. This one is at least less expensive than the one on global batteries:
    It's also a 5600mAh instead of just 4400 so it will last about 27% longer. :sol:
  6. Thank you I had looked on ebay but was not able to find what I wanted. Called resellers - have to have s/n or battery number to be able to help me. Finally got to chat person on acer website. Seems I need the s/n before they can tell me what battery I need. But said they were available. links to their site for model details did give me more info. One model only lists 6 cell - the other lists 6 cell with a max 9 cell. So - guess they can be found. Only logical but still better answer. Now - Acer of Toshiba for $1000. - Dell more $$ for business model Vostro 3700.
  7. Have you considered getting two six cell batteries? Having a spare battery (and 12 cells) might be a better solution.
  8. Which Toshiba model are you considering?

    The top Dell Vostro 3700 business model, here in Canada, is $949.00.
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