Explorer doesn't display content of one folder

Hi, I can't open a specific folder to display the content with Explorer.
I'm running Windows 7 7601.win7sp1_gdr.120830-0333 Home Premium. The folder is on a secondary HDD where I also have the system folders Libraries and Download. All the system and program files are on my primary SSD C: drive.
What doesn't work:
With my regular account, on that specific folder, I can't display the content via Explorer. I can't either get it when I try to open it from inside applications such as Notepad++, PotPlayer, Media Player Classic, VirtualDub.
What works:
If I enter the name of a file in the File name field of the Open command of the application, the file will open normally.
When I point to that folder with the Windows command line console, and use the DIR command, it will display the complete list of files.
Finally, when I look at the folder from the Admin account or from a Guest account, Explorer will display the content.instantaneously.
Things I did:
I have checked Show hidden files in Folder Options.
I did a Check Disk, which didn't find any error.
I also ran: ATTRIB -s -h mbrp /s /d (Where mbrp contains the directory causing problem) hoping that somehow, some System Attributes could be removed.
FWIW, it seems this happened as I was trying to run an Avisynth64 script with new installation of MPC-HC64.
A this point, I am out of ideas. I know that switching to a new regular user account would solve the problem, but I see that as a last resort. Above all, I really want to understand what is going on. I will appreciate any help finding a solution for that folder.
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  1. check user permissions
    right click on the folder > select properties > click the security tab >click on youre username > do you have read or full control of that folder?

    have you been infected. there was a virus going around that hide user files, but alot more would be hidden, the whole start menu, youre desktop and my docs.

    the fix = http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/unhide/
  2. Yes, Randini is right. Update and run a full virus scan and run malwarebytes, full scan, too.
  3. Regarding permissions, I checked that I had Full Control for all users.
    I also did run Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials, latest virus definition, full scan. Nothing major detected, just an advertising popup bundle, which I deleted.
    Still the same problem.
    Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Well, I found a convenient workaround: I used Windows command line XCOPY to copy all files from the problematic folder to a new one.
    Works perfectly now.
    I still wish I understood what is going on with that folder. Looks like some kind of minor corruption, but I am concerned that there might be an application that is creating problems. I am going to re-install MPC-HC64, just in case.
    Thanks for the advice, anyway.
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