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Ordering new cpu in the!!

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February 12, 2001 12:11:17 AM

I cant decide on whether to get a p3 933eb w/asus p3v4x mobo or a p3 1000eb w/asus cuv4x mobo...the cuv mobo has the via 694x/694z chipset which i cant seem to find info on where as the p3v4x has the via apollo PRO 133A chipset which seems to get good reviews....PLEASE HELP!!!! WHAT WOULD YOU FOLKS CHOOSE?

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a b à CPUs
February 12, 2001 12:14:16 AM

What about AMD? Think carefully before you spend your money. There are lots of things to consider. What is the systems ,main usuage?
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February 12, 2001 12:21:10 AM

I have always ran intel chips....233 , 450, 500, 733never have had any problem what so ever with any of them. Ill be gaming and doing html, burning lots of cd's, and even some video editing on this new system. I have read all the benchmarks and realize the thunderbirds run better for gaming. Guess i was turned off from amd quite a whiule back when people i knew were having so many compatability problems with them.
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February 12, 2001 1:40:34 AM

i'll raise a topic on compatibility issues of today. I don't think you should let that sway you. I like the P3, but that's a large premium you are going to pay. I like AMD and besides having to spend an extra 20 bucks on a good heatsink there was nothing to worry about.
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February 12, 2001 1:51:49 AM

Well, my advice would be to go with AMD... you can get a faster, cheaper chip, and they run great... that or you can blow alot more money on an intel... how much does an 850 Mhz Tbird cost? 102 dollars...

anyway... stay away from VIA chipset if you can :) 

-AMD's are not for the faint of heart... Intels? those are for newbies :o )-