BenQ VA GW2750HM

So I came across this Monitor last night but can't seem to find any good reviews on it.
I was wondering if anyone has tried it out yet or has seen a review on it.
I am actaully looking to get a 27" monitor for less than $300 so this one looked pretty temping.

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  1. There's a review of the smaller GW2450HM here:
    Hopefully the GW2750HM is similar.

    There's a pretty extensive thread on it and its smaller 24" sibling at HardOCP. Most didn't like it - too much of a green push in the color that's hard to get rid of an fairly pronounced gamma shifting. Some also complained of ghosting slightly above what you would get in a current generation IPS monitor. I think four people in the thread purchased it. One guy loved it, the other three didn't. I was considering it, but kept getting conflicting information on its response time/ghosting. Some said it was perfectly fine for gaming (save for the fastest FPS games), others said it had noticeable ghosting.
  3. Thanks for the Reviews guys. I am kinda thinking the BENQ might not be quite right for me as I do all sorts of gaming. Mostly FPS and RPG's probably going to find a good TN monitor and go with that.

    Thanks again.
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