Acer 5741 charging problem

I have an acer aspire 5741 which i bought 5 months back. The problem started a week back and has got worse. It is when i plug the cord for charging on laptop, the blue light on power button and amber charging light would start to flash and the charging would stop. However, if i move the cord in the dc jack at certain angle it would start to charge but recently it has stopped doing so too. The battery is fine and giving 2.3 hrs. I tried removing the battery and start with ac power but would turn off if the dc cord moves. I tried draining suggestef by acer but it didnot work... Please reply me with the solution as acer have been slow to respond and i need the laptop to complete my assignments

Secondly, i bought my laptop from pakistan, would i be able to claim warranty in u.k ? I have the intergnational warranty passport of acer n the warranty card from vendor whom i purchased my laptop from.

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  1. Yes, it does sound like it is a power jack issue. With the documents you mentioned, you should be able to make a warranty claim on it. To make sure though, I'd get in touch with Acer support first.
  2. Thank you Kevin,

    I have already made a claim and they are going to pick up the laptop on 29th december.

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