No mouse in device manager

My synaptics pointing device has disappeared from my computer. The mouse would appear on the screen but with no movement. Had to enable a usb mouse.

I've had the mouse disabled before, I would go into Device manager to re-enable. Now it isn't even showing up in Device Manager. There wasn't an option for 'mouse or pointing device' until I installed the usb mouse.

I recently installed new software (2 weeks ago) with no problems, until now. I am using a HP Pavilion g w/ Windows 7.
I've tried reinstalling the software, but the computer just won't recognize the device.
Please Help

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  1. Do you have a small LED on the left-top of the synaptics pointing mouse ?
    can you tell us ur model of hp ?
  2. NO LED, like I said Pavilion g series

    in this pic there is in the synaptic mouse on the top left a small hole .. double click on it by your Finger and it will be work
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