I5 430M vs AMD Phenom II P920 (Gaming)

Hey guys, the question is simple.

Out of the two laptop processors below, which is superior in gaming situations?
i5 430M or AMD Phenom II P920

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  1. i5 430M

    AMD Phenom II X4 P920
    3DMark 06 - CPU avg score 2083
    3DMark Vantage CPU avg score 5384

    Intel Core i5-430M
    3DMark 06 - CPU avg score 2568
    3DMark Vantage CPU avg score 7160
  2. As WR2 said,i5 is faster.Here's a good review of Phenom II mobile CPUs compared to Intel Core 2 duo/i3/i5
  3. phenom 2 N series are comparable to i5 but p series are not they are like p series core 2 duo of intel
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