ITunes pretty much screwed up my computer...

So I went to update iTunes the other day, and somehow during the install of the new update, iTunes decided to screw everything up.

iTunes won't open, WinAmp opens, but does not play media, and Windows Media Player can't play DVDs. Basically, I cannot access any sort of video or music file that I've downloaded.

The error is being caused by a "missing" .dll, POWRPROF.DLL. This .DLL is in fact not missing, but according to all my programs it is:

As you can see here, the file is indeed where it is supposed to be:

I'm completely lost on what to do, any suggestions?

FYI, I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.
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  1. Have you tried a System Restore? Powrpof.dll might be the wrong version or corrupt due to the update. Change the files name temporarily, download another version of the Dll copy it into the same folder and see if it works. Sometimes putting the Dll directly into the programmes folder (i.e. C\ program files\ iTunes) is a better option as the file is only accessed by that one program
  2. The DLL may have to be re-registered... especially since the file is there, but the programs can't find it. I can't remember how to register a DLL file off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure that's the issue.
  3. Itunes is junk!
  4. 1. Uninstall the Program, reboot

    2. Use a registry cleaner to delete all registry entries which include reference to iTunes, reboot

    3. Install the program....

    4. If that don't work, use system restore.
  5. Uninstalled, used registry cleaner, reinstalled, same issue.

    For some reason, system restore isn't available for any date before the current date.

    Still lost on what to do. I got a copy of the file from my friend, but it won't let me replace it...
  6. Ok, I managed to replace it, but I still got the same error. This is bad....
  7. Do a system restore to before you did the update if possible.
  8. Here is how to re-register a DLL:

    Have you tried this?
  9. Registering did not work, it told me to make sure that it is a valid DLL file.
  10. Does your friend also have Win 7 64-bit? If not, then his version of the file is likely useless.
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