Does Win7 Media Center support blu ray burning?

I added an internal Pioneer blu ray burner to my system- burns fine on dvd-r,rw and bd-r,re in Adobe Premiere, Cyberlink Power Director, etc. Was thinking of recording HD broadcast TV in Media Center & burning to blu ray- but so far have only been able to burn to dvd, not bd-r media. Media Center prompts as if no disk is present when there is a blank bd-r or bd-re in burner. Anyone know if media center supports blu ray burning? Thnaks!
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  1. Sorry to inform, you the answer is no.
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    You CAN convert media center content to other formats with free tools, and use your other programs to burn to bluray. Keep in mind lots of media center content can be protected by playready DRM, depending on your provider, and will not be watchable on other devices. But if you can burn to DVD already it will be fine. There may be a cyberlink or other pluggin with the bluray codecs that allows it too
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  4. Thanks- back to the drawing board. Can use Power Director to convert recorded tv .wtv files to mpeg-2 & burn thru Power Director to bd-r; will find out soon how the quality is!
  5. I HAVE seen programs that will auto convert your .wtv files to high-def formats and strip commercials. Its been about two years since I looked, but there may be something really good out now
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