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I need a monitor.... I have about $200 to spend. I will use it for gaming/video editing. I don't have a brand that I like, but want it to be 23"ish. I have a really good, new computer that can run 1080p, so that is a requirement. Low response time would be good, too. Eventually, I will want to get another monitor, if that matters. My video card has 2 DVI and one HDMI. Thanks for your help!!!
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    This ASUS is 24" and extremely well reviewed on Newegg (1500 reviews, 5 out of 5 average).
  2. Sorry for replying so late. Amazon has had some fantastic deals on the Dell Ultrasharp models. I would shoot for the U2312HM at $222.92 if you can spare the extra $23

    If not the ASUS would be a good choice.
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