ASUS A7M 266 FBS...Athlon 1.1 Price??

Hey Im working on my newest gaming machine and I plan on getting for a motherboard ASUS a7m 266 Athlon DDR Mainboard...and the Retail AMD k7 athlon Socket A 266 FMB....

The mb is costing me 220 at:

The chip is costing me 275 at:

I want to know if there is a place that sells this board with the processer at a better price, or If I can get them at a better price...or if you reccomend a different board and combo...Im prolly putting in 128 or 256 PC21000 DDR with Hercules Prophet II geForce 2 Ultra...I have a nice 20 inch Trinitron for monitor..and Im going to use the IBM hardrive (Fast IDE one...)

Any suggestions welcome.
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  1. Looks like a kickass system. The only thing I would do to save some money is get the normal 1.1ghz T-Bird and unlock it and run it at 266FSB (133). That would save you around 100 dollars. Oh and on the ram get 256 or more.

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  2. well if i can save the 100$ i'll buy the 256 ram...but how do you unlock it, is there any difference performance wise then...also...should i stick with the PC 2100 DDR or go down to it major difference?
  3. um..dude...PC133 is SDR memory, not DDR.

    PC2100 is faster than PC1600, but also carries a hefty price least for now. Compare the prices on I bet in another month or two they will be equivalently priced. Even if you're buying now, I'd get PC2100, it's worth the performance boost.


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  4. I know...i wanted to know how much better PC2100 DDR is over PC 133..i could always go with a PC133 board...but I've pretty much decided to stick with the ASUS A7M
  5. What is the A7M? I know about the A7V, and the A7V-M I believe is a step down from the A7V, but what is the A7M??
  6. A7m 266..seems like a great board for my needs:
  7. It's ASUS's DDR motherboard.

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  8. The PC2100 will out perform the PC133 only in high demand aplications. For instance gameing you will gain about 10 FPS prolly but I ahve not seen any benchmarks. I am considering this board also. If you want to see how DDR compairs to PC133 go read "The Three Musketeers" articale at

    Once there you caan read about teh 3 boards and then look at the benchmarks. It compairs 2 DDR boards(not this one) and the A7V133 with PC100 and PC133. It is a good comparison of memory. If you look close you see that the MSI K7 Master has the 761 chip which the A7M266 also has. Note the poor performance of the Magik board useing a different chip. Just check it out. You will see what im saying.

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  9. <<<The mb is costing me 220 at:>>>
    thats a horrible price i can get it for 176
  10. Where can you get it for 176...I haven't really searched yet for it, an url would be great...Retail version..not OEM right?

    Also...Know were I can get a AMD Athlon -C (Already set to 266FSB) 1.1 ghz...I can't find good site that I know its a C not a B....I'll even look at a 1.2 C Tbird if its good enough price.

    Finally...Any place with combo a7m266 mobo with the t-bird C on it...

    Thanks for help
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