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Looking for a new mouse. Suggestions?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
July 19, 2012 8:14:33 PM


I've been alternating between an ancient Logitech M-RM67A and a $5 Gigaware laser travel mouse on my desktop, and I think it's finally time to bite the bullet and shell out for a new mouse. I game pretty frequently, but I'm not necessarily looking for a game-oriented mouse. I just want something comfortable and of decent quality.

My Logitech works fine mostly, but eats through batteries like nothing, and most likely has a low DPI spec. My Gigware ( says it's 1600 dpi, and might be, but it feels extremely jittery and inaccurate. I don't know enough about polling rates or whatever to explain that...

When I use my mouse, I sit my palm just below the mouse pad, and use a combination of wrist rotations and finger movements to get the cursor where it needs to be. I guess that qualifies as the "fingertip" grip.

I'd like something of similar size and weight to my Gigaware if possible (8 cm long, 5.5 cm wide, 3 cm tall, and 75 grams in weight), although I'd like something more ergonomically inclined. Anything that's the same length or larger than my Logitech (12 cm) need not apply.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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