Did an Nvidia driver update corrupt my ssd?

Hi all,

Today as I was installing a driver update for my Nvidia GeForce 555M (the first 2013 update), Windows froze up, and blue screened. Windows then gave a 0x00000f error when trying to start, and long story short, I was completely unable to recover the Windows install (among other things, plugging the drive into another computer resulted in a prompt to format the drive, and the Windows install disk couldn't detect an OS to repair).
After reinstalling Windows, I installed the Nvidia drivers successfully, though shortly after the same thing happened again; a blue screen followed by a seemingly corrupt ssd. After the second reinstall, I used an older version of the drivers, and so far there hasn't been an issue.

My question is, could the graphics drivers have caused this? If so, has anyone else experienced this? If not, how could I verify that the ssd is not at fault, and thus determine if it's going to happen again?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Not sure how a CPU/GPU driver would negatively impact your SSD from a software standpoint but I guess it's possible

    Drivers are not flawless, that's why there are bug reports. You may have inadvertently spawned one of those said bugs.

    I'm assuming that you got the driver from HERE . I would recommend looking for a bug submission link somewhere on there so that you can share the experience and they can promptly fix the issue.

    As for the SSD corruption, it's essentially a giant flash drive so it's also possible that the driver hosed it somehow.
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