Canon Pixma MG5300 Printer & Macbook Pro Help?

Hello, I have gotten a Canon Pixma MG5300 printer and I have also gotten a Macbook Pro on February of this year(2012). My printer is wirelessly connected to my laptop. I have been using both together for approximately five months. They have been working flawlessly great. I have printed away many reports and assignments on it. It always worked perfectly every time, there was never a problem. Recently I tired to print a packet for a friend and as usual I selected the printing option and I waited for it to connect and get printing. But this time something happened. I waited at least ten minutes until I knew something was really wrong. I thought it was probably just a big packet so maybe it just took a long time to get all of the information but I checked up on the printing status on my laptop and it said there was a communication error. I didn't understand what had happened. So I kept trying and it didn't work at all. I even tried to print different things like pictures and random text but nothing happened but "a communication error". I don't know how to fix this problem and I am very worried. I tested out the photocopying part of the system and it works perfectly. I have never touched the wires since I have plugged them in the day I set up the printer. I really like this printer but I don't want to go out and spend more money on another one. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you.
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  1. I too had the problem with my PIXMA 560, and with some help from Apple, I focused on the printer. I had to type in 8 digits for connecting to my router. THIS TIME, I typed in the 8 digits and did not move the signal to the next box, so that it rested on the last digit. (Was the computer trying to deal with a null digit in that 9th spot?) In any case, I have had no problems whatsoever since then. give it a shot--try not moving the 'code' to the next box, and see if it help you.
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