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What is a good temp for this proc to be running at under full load with a case temp of 22oC. After running 3DMark 2000 looped for 30 mins he temp was 39oC in ViaHWM. Is this good or should it be lower and is this a good way to find the temp under full load.

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  1. It does vary. I have an Athlon SlotA 650Mhz and mine has a case temp of 39C and a cpu temp of 43C. I have heard that this is well within specs for my chip. I think yours is probably just fine. Lets see what others say.

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  2. you will have no probs at that , Athlons are happy up to about 50C


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  3. My 850 was running at 60 degrees C w/ a thermaltake orb. I didn't like that so I bought an alpha and some artic silver and now it runs at least 10 degrees cooler.
    I never did see any problems running at 60.
  4. mine is a 850Mhz athlon and it goes at 55ºC more or less and the mainboard a 35ºC and some people have told me that the good temperature for this processor is between 30 & 40ºC is that ok??, do i have to mind about temperature in my processor??.Even i have been told that the ATX 230Watts power is not good for this processor and the minium possible is 250ATX,so i bought a 300W ATX one, and 55ºC did not changed.My mainboard is a A7V from ASUS. Lots of thanks

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  5. This temperature is fine. I have a 1.2GHz Athlon running at 1.33GHz an it maxes out at 53C under full load. You shouldn't really experience problems until you get up to 60C or beyond.

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  6. My TB 1200MHz runs at about 60°C all the time, no problems. I'm currently using the GlobalWin FOP-32i as cooler, however, I just ordered a Swiftech MC370-0A. Keep in mind that, when comparing temperatures, you should only compare them with measurements done on the same type/revision of a mainboard. Also keep in mind that, e.g. with the AsusProbe program, the program gives a different reading compared to the bios or SiSoft Sandra reading. The AsusProbe program gives a CALIBRATED temperature that is higher than the bios measurement. Of course one tends to believe the lower temp...

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  7. If you want your Thunderbird to run cooler, buy the recommended (Tom's Hardware Guide) Socket A CPU Fan - FOP32-1 and install with Arctic Thermal Silver paste, and you'll notice your processor will run cooler. I have a 1 GHZ Tbird installed in an ASUS A7V, that would hit over 50 degrees centigrade frequently, and as I speak now, the CPU is at 41(ASUSPROBE). You can pick them up on the net for under 20. I got mine with the paste for 21.95. I think in the long run it will be a wise investment..Good Luck...
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