HP DeskJet 6940 Resume light on

Hi from Ireland.

I have a problem printer.

It is a HP DeskJet 6940 inkjet printer.

The resume light, the arrow on the panel
is always on and the printer is not responding
to any other action.

I downloaded the manual here:

The drivers for the printer are here:

but the resume light on all the time is not listed in the manual.

Anyone have a solution for this problem?
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  1. Did you try unplugging it from the power for a bit?
  2. Hi everyone

    Here is the resolution of the printer situation.

    Our hardware support partner replaced the formatting board,
    also known as the logic board, in the unit.
    It is working ok again.

    If you have this printer at home and have to take it to
    a computer repair shop, it would probably be more economical
    to scrap the printer and buy a replacement.

    Here is some advice from another forum detailing how to reset the
    printer. I tried this with my printer, it did not work, but maybe
    it will help someone else out:

    The manual says to

    1. Verify that the printer is powered on.
    2. Press and hold down the Report Page button.
    3. While holding down the Report Page button, press the Cancel button three times.
    4. Release the Report Page button.

    Thanks for reading and posting.
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