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Hello, I was planning on using a 22 inch HDTV as my monitor. Would it look OK? Or would I be better off using a traditional monitor.

It has good specs,

1920 x 1080
5ms response time

Has some random brightness numbers I don't understand, but they are supposedly pretty good.

What are some advantages and disadvantages to using one?

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  1. HDTV as a monitor works fine (at least if the tv is true 1080p native). I'm using one now (though I plan to get a higher resolution monitor in a few months), and I think there are others here already using hdtvs as monitors.

    Advantages of using an HDTV:
    - extra inputs like component and composite, which are useful if you have old video game consoles to connect
    - if you're lucky, good speakers so you can save deskspace and have one less power plug to deal with

    Disadvantages of using an HDTV:
    - no DVI or DisplayPort (screens with one or both of these are generally marketed as monitors rather than TVs, even if they have extra inputs and a TV tuner)
    - often tricky to get native resolution working right with HDMI connection (requires tweaking the video card overscan/underscan setttings and the TV's scaling settings)

    Those are the only general advantages and disadvantages I can think of, but if you can provide the manufacturer name and model number for the HDTV you plan to use, I might be able to find others that are specific to the model.
  2. Right now I have my Xbox 360 plugged into the component input, and I will use HDMI for the PC. I have no idea what model it is, but it is made by RCA.

    The TV also has 3.5mm input, which will be helpful for speakers.
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