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Hey guys,

I know normally stuff about tech support doesn't get posted unless it's negative but in this case hold your horses. I have to post the BEST experience I have EVER had with tech support. This has been the ONLY time I've ever sent in a laptop under warranty for something and I was nervous as I've heard a number of horror stories about things that go on and techs causing damage and then the customer being screwed.

First I guess a little background is in order. I am an A+, MCSE, CCNA and Network + certified tech. I knew EXACTLY what the problem was with my system (hard drive had gone bad from an imbalance in the assembly and it was under warranty so I figured I'll send it in and get it replaced for free). On December the 7th in the evening I was using my Gateway laptop like I usually always do. What can I say I like to lie on the couch and chill after work instead of sitting in front of my desktop no matter how comfy the chair. Downloaded a few programs and such and everything was perfectly fine and then WHAM BSOD that pointed to the storage controller and then a second stop error about accessing non paged memory. I was like oh *&$))$(*%^ bum drive. So I backed up everything I could from the bum drive and made a call to tech support.

First guy who answered the phone was a polite south asian man who actually used his real name which was a huge plus in my book for how things would go. He politely introduced himself as Ranjeet and asked what he could help with. I gave him a description of what I experienced and he right away had the same though I did that it was a bad hard drive. He issued me a SR number and told me to UPS or Fedex my machine to the repair center in Mississagua ON.

so like I said right off the bat EXTREMELY polite, courteous and knowledgeable techs who use their real names makes me a happy customer. He told me it would take between 7-10 business days and then we wished each other a happy holiday season and said goodbye.

couple of days later I get the chance to stop by the UPS store and get the machine off to Gateway it arrived there safe and sound the morning after I dropped it off to be shipped.

Now here's the best part about it. They looked in my file and saw I was having also an issue I had called about before about the battery giving me a plugged in not charging error. They then without my even needing to ask tested my battery found it to be having some weird issues internally (apparently weak solder in between the cells) and replaced it for me while also replacing my drive (I had a hitachi and Ranjeet even agreed with me that Hitachi's are garbage now so he put in the SR to replace with a Western Digital). Everything came back to me in 5 days including shipping time and a weekend in between as well. They further installed ALL of the latest security patches from MS and flashed me to the latest BIOS before sending it back to me as well

I could not be more pleased with the service I received and they have made me a VERY happy customer who would freely buy from them again knowing the level of service I'll receive should I have any issues.

Ranjeet if you're reading this as well Happy Holidays my good man you are the kind of person who REALLY makes a company great and I hope that whoever your boss is heard our call and gave you a raise for your excellent professional service to me
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  1. Not your usual 'customer service' owner experiance.
    So thank for posting and letting us know how things really should work.
    And that they still sometimes do.
    Let's all hope it just not the Christmas Fairy at work.
  2. I'm a first time buyer and user of Gateway NV5919h and ran smack into this site for customer comments. I'm glad to find a positive comment by one of the customers, and wonder where this Ranjeet tech-support man is located. There's no such thing as ONE tech support premises to locate him.

    I have a problem moving one file (photo) from one position to another within a folder - a relatively easy procedure that poses no problems on my HP desktops and HP laptop. Is this peculiar only to Gateway?

    Highlighting and dragging it to a location of choice seems to work - but the file would not "drop."

    Any assistance would be grateful.

  3. Sam, are you using Windows 7 as opposed to XP on the other machines? Win 7 does not allow for files to be arranged, as apparently there was a bug with it in Vista. It's been disabled, but you can a)alter the registry or b)use a nice piece of software that mostly overcome the problem. I use Q-Dir, which has a portable version as well as installed. It's free, but you can donate and I'm very gratfeul to the author as I LOATHE Windows 7's file moving restrictions.
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