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Athlon Temperature

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February 15, 2001 3:47:37 PM

My 1.1Ghz process generates lots of heats, sometimes reach 104F. Is this normal? I bought the cpu in a retail box, and I didn't do any overcolocking.

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February 15, 2001 4:57:20 PM

I've been asking the same question till I was blue in the face last few months, with no coherent answer...
one thing is, the fan & heatsink you got with plain retail CPU is louse, you should upgrade it for sure...

other than that, temperatures are hard to gauge because they vary by CPU load, particular motherboard you have, particular revision of that motherboard, particular bios you're running on that particular revision of that motherboard; how close the thermal diode is to the CPU; how well the diode is working; which software you use; what's the external temperature; whether the gods are on your side today...

I actually get a lot higher temperature from my 1.1Gig, almost 140F reported... but it works fine, it has a ChromeOrb professionally installed with arctic silver on it and 7 fans total in the case -- this baby is actually quite cool inside... besides, the BIOS shows temperature almost 20 degrees lower than my software (newest ASUS probe) does, and the temperature doesn't vary with my CPU load more than a few degrees (most people get much bigger differences)...

so its pretty hard to tell... one guy's experience has little to do with another's...
February 15, 2001 4:59:00 PM

I'm a metric guy myself, so it took me a bit to convert, but 104F is about 40C which is pretty darn good, especially if its under full load and with retail heatsink+fan... you're doing fine...
I get 51C according to BIOS with ChromeOrb etc...
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February 15, 2001 5:04:49 PM

104F isn't bad, really- as someone else said, its only 40C-- my 800mhz tbird runs 50-54C according to bios, and the temp max for the chip is 90C, you're in good shape
February 15, 2001 6:28:53 PM

An Athlon at 40C is plenty good. If you're getting that temp don't worry about buying a new fan. The one you have will work.

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February 15, 2001 6:47:53 PM

I am using the IWILL-KA266R motherboard, ASUS-V7700 deluxe AGP. I just installed the windows 2000 yesterday, so I don't have lots of programs running. Though you guys said that 104F is kinda good, but I think it is always better to have another heatsink/fan ready, just in case something happens . . .