New wireless mouse

I looking for a new wireless mouse for gaming. The things I'm looking for are:

A decent DPI
Some customisable buttons
fits a normal sized hand
decent battery life
if it is not USB chargeable it must take AA batteries
if it has leds i would prefer that they were blue
the scroll must be slow and have clearly defined clicks, I can't explain what I mean but if for example you play Minecraft and your trying to scroll to an item in your hotbar but you keep going past it because the scroll is to easy.

I've looked at mouses like the Logitech G700, it has everything I need but when will I need 15 custom buttons? I think they will just get in the way.

I will be playing BF3 and Minecraft with it mostly.

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  1. I prefer wired for gaming but the 700 is a decent mouse.
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