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Hello, this problem came up recently. I used to have my headphones listed under Audio Devices along with HDMI output and speakers.
Yesterday after shutting my laptop down and restarting it i saw that the headphone icon has disappeared. I do get sound if i plug in my headphones but it still shows it as speakers. The sound quality has decreased compared to before.
The following is my system
AMD Athlon Dual Core M300
4gb Ram
ATI HD mobility Raedon 4200

Hope someone will take time out and reply . Thank you very much .
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  1. Try heading to the laptop manufacturer's support site and re-installing the sound card driver. It could be a system glitch of sorts that accidentally messed with the sound card driver, so reloading it could fix the issue. Let us know how it turns out.
  2. Hello , First of all thank you for looking at this thread.
    So i checked device manager and under sound there are 2 things
    Conexant High Defination Audio
    High Defination Audio Device

    So i assume you mean the Conexant would be my sound card.
    Also as of now the sound is all distorted and choppy. Kinda how a static radio channel would sound. Not all the time but sometimes.
  3. What kind of laptop do you have, i.e. brand/model?
  4. Gateway Nv53
    AMD Athlon Dual Core M300 2Ghz
    4gb ram

    I tried reinstalling the sound drivers. Dint work.
    It was working fine like 3 days ago and suddenly this happened. I fear i will have to reinstall Windows 7.
  5. If that didn't work, the only other thing that I can think of would be that another program could be interfering. Have you installed any new software recently?
  6. NOne that i know of . Anyways i did a system restore to 2 weeks ago and it has all gone back to normal. I thank everyone for their help.
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