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i just dont get it, i am not too experienced with building computers yet i have built both AMD and Intel systems, i have had no problems whatsoever with heat with either processor brand especially the thunderbirds as most heat sinks ive seen come with compound on the base of it and a simple strip which attaches perfectly and drags heat away instantly, personally ive heard of more heat problems with intel chips from my friends than of AMD overheats, which is quite significant considering that over 80% of my mates use AMD chips
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  1. you will come across problems with VIA chipsets but the CPU's there is not much to choose between them as for heat the tbirds do run hotter than PIII's but are of similar design so can have a misfited HSF jus as easily, I aslo own both systems and have had similar experience as you but a friend of mine have several problems with an identical setup to mine.....
    remember though most ppl here talk from experience so most of the complaints have foundation...



    UK Prices are <font color=red>toooooooooo</font color=red> high , keep competition going to bring em down :smile:
  2. mistakes are made from people not reading into the topic enough before building a box, and not applying the thermal compound correctly, i agree that the Athlons run hotter for the same clock speed and the fact that people have problems after shipping due to heatsinks loosening and so on, but then again a bit of information on the subject will stop mistakes being made, if i, at my level of experience can build an AMD box that runs just under 30 degrees idle maybe up to 35-40 when under full load there shouldnt be many problems, considering that i chose to go against buying an expensive heatsink and just went for a cheap one with thermal compound pre aplied costing me under $10 why waste money buying an intel
    Then again prices in england are crazy having to pay the same price in pounds as they do in dollars in the states is getting beyond a joak
  3. I agree that properly installed T-birds don't have a heat problem. They DO run hotter, but to some extent that is accounted for in the design. However, since they lack on-chip heat protection (which I understand Pentiums have), they are more vulnerable when something goes wrong. This is the basis for a lot of the posts I have read slamming AMD. But if you do your homework and install the chip, fan, and heatsink properly and equip the system with a good motherboard with temp monitoring/failsafe in the BIOS they should run with no problem what-so-ever. I have a T-bird 750 that can run at 1GHz overclocked and still stays in the 40-48 degree C range. And you can't beat the price!
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