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Howdy Folks,

I have a HP DV5-1125NR that the video is not coming up at all. The system is booting just fine. I can use the external vga port to get video on the laptop without a problem. I have tried pressing and FN F4 to get the screen to come go back to the laptop LCD screen but that doesn't appear to send it back.

If I look at the screen it is completely dark. I turned off the lights in the area so it was completely dark and I am not seeing any images on there. I am thinking that it is a bad LCD. Can anyone give me any other ideas to try? Thanks!
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  1. the problem your experiencing i probably a problem with connection between the LCD to the computer, it could be a wire that overheated and stopped working, where you'd have to replace it, or it could be a wire that got unhooked, but its unlikely that it would have fallen out of place.
    anyways, the problem this time, is that hp does this with some laptops, they purposely make the wire unseperateble from the screen, meaning that you will have to pay a few hundred dollars to get it replaced, it's your descision if you want to spend the exra money to get it fixed...
    the good thing is, it's probably not the Graphics card, since it boots fine with an external monitor. so if you are planning on keeping it in one place all the time, and you can use the external monitor that will work. but if you need the portability, then that might create a problem.
  2. I figured it would be a wire that got loose. I have a hard time getting into the computer itself to even see the wire. I am not sure if I can pop the keyboard out and find the wire that plugs in to the board. Are you aware of any good guides on getting into this model? I don't want to damage it trying to get it open.

    Yeah the LCD to replace on this model appears to be pretty pricey so I am not sure about that. The graphics card does appear to be fine. That is a relief to hear someone else thinking the same thing. I haven't worked on a laptop in about 2 years so I feel real rusty.

    Thanks for your help hpfreak. I do appreciate it.
  3. the video cable on this model is bad about shorting out. you can replcae it pretty easily. I'm currently dealing with this issue at the moment myself
  4. Yeah. I had that issue, my solution was...well nothing, I just lived with it, and it eventually stopped happening. The thing is, I had this issue when I was in Egypt, when I came back to the States, the problem stopped, probably the temperature effected it.
    I had a live chat with an hp technician (search on google for hp chat.)
    The guy told me that the problem was the video cable, it was flexing. His solution was, to buy the HP screen at the hp.com website, I repeatedly asked him of it was possible just to buy the cable by itself, and then add it... But, he told me that you couldn't buy the cable by itself, only with the screen (because it was soldered.) I totally knocked out the possibility because the price would run my at 400 dollars, not something you want to pay for one component when the price for the laptop itself was 600 dollars.

    Anyways, I'm glad I helped, I haven't looked up on this problem in a long time, but there might be a new solution to the problem. But from what I've been hearing, there are still issues, even with the latest line-up from HP- the Envy line...

    Here, please watch this video on fixing the problem with a similar line from hp:


    Also, here is a guide to the dissembly of a dv5:

  5. he did not know what he was talking about because it is not soldered. it has four connections on it.
    1 motherboard
    2 lcd
    3 lcd inverter
    4 light on the back of the case (hp light)
    all dv5 1000s, 1100s, and 1200s are like that. i know that for a fact. they all use the same cable
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