DVD/CD Drive not recognised

Hi I'm currently having a problem I've seen alot with other HP DV 2000 (and others in that range) laptops. The DVD/CD drive is simply non existent even though it's physically working. I've seen the problem by googling the issue many a times on different forums but never a clear resolution. Though one solution was "Matt DVD fix" for windows but first I had to install .Net Framework (which I did) then I had to upgrade to get the specific .Net framework version for the fix to work. Here is where I'm stuck because of an error in updating through Windows Update (and I have to follow a whole other bunch of stuff which I've already been stuck on the first task since Windows no longer provide the software needed to complete it). So you've seen my problem to install a fix that might possibly work I have to go through a ton of other things. I'm asking is there any simple way to download say a driver or some other alternative anyone out there can provide me.

P.S It appears that HP only give live chat support(which appears to be the only) with warranty users and their drivers section for the laptop only appears to be fixes for other things but no driver for the DVD. The laptop didn't come with any disc with drivers but a pull out with a CD image saying that drivers can be found online :o !
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