Anyone know any good cleaners?

Like any cleaners to remove cookies and other temporary internet files, please let me know list it here

thank you guys
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  1. CCleaner for cookies and lught registry. Abexo for deep registry and malwarebytes for malware. All are free and work great.
  2. +1 for CCleaner. I've never tried it on Windows 7 but it's free and does the job.
  3. CCleaner works like charm under Win 7.
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    Another +1 for ccleaner - it's fantastic.

    On a slightly different note, I love Revo Uninstaller for uninstalling programs - gets rid of all sorts of junk, including orphaned registry entries.

    Also, if you use firefox, I'd select not keeping your history, etc, and get the Add-on "Better Privacy," which deletes flash cookies, which cannot be removed through normal methods (even with ccleaner)
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