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XPS release with Sandy sooner or later?

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Sandy release on the XPS platform?

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December 24, 2010 8:10:23 PM

I wanted to know what people think about a new line of XPS's that would have the sandy bridge and the infamous 1080p monitor?
Mainly because I have been scoping out the XPS 15/17 for my next laptop, but I knew that amd and intel were coming out with some new things at CES, so I figured by then I would have an idea of what time frames were talking about.

From what I have researched, Dell and a few others have been testing Sandy on the Alienware line and so on, but no official reports seem to be out. In forums I have found that some think we will see the new XPS line by Feburary and others think it won't be till June.
My speculation would be, that Dell's XPS line is the only configuration like it in the world. USB 3, 2.1 speakers, and they offer pretty much all top of the line stuff, besides for the only option of 720p monitor right now.

Then I read they are getting ready to re-produce these 1080p screens again, and if this true, why would they not put the sandy in there also??

So even if you don't think its gona happen please let me know either you opinion or any info you have scooped up!
December 24, 2010 9:16:43 PM

Here are some links to the sites I found info on, the first one says the XPS 17 L702x is for sure coming, but when??

From what these say there is a for sure 17" XPS coming, but the 15" is still speculation, but I don't see why not!
Some of the stuff I read on the internet, talk about this update, but without any mentioning of the Sandy or 1080p.

December 25, 2010 2:11:15 PM

Not sure. I really can't believe AMD and Intel couldn't get it together and release Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer in time for Christmas.
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December 25, 2010 9:12:08 PM

My latest research says that it Intel is in fact going to announce code named "Sandy Bridge" for its release at CES 2011.
My other resources say that HP DV6 and DV7, and XPS 17 are all set to launch after the announcement.
There was a few other laptops that are also supposedly set but I couldn't confirm.

Then the XPS 17 which I am interested in, you get to pick between 3D ready monitor w/3D ready internals, or
to get a Touch Screen. Then they offer 2 or 4 slots for memory, up to 3gb's of Graphic Power, and is going to come
with all the latest buzz including the JBL speakers, and USB 3.

I couldn't find any specs on the HP line.

I will try and find the links, I was on my laptop last night so I will re look them up.