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HI Guys,I have a pretty lousy computer by todays standards a P2 233 at 66 bus 64 megram on a fx mb but its does its thing pretty well but Im determined to try to overclock this "beast",now the mb doesnt support anything over66 and but i nknow the julmper settings to make it go at 266 or 300.I read somethimng about blocked multiplyers does my early p2 have them, does that mean that if i set the jumpers for 266 or 300 it wont work or fry up?OR should I go ahead and do it.I know that it wont make a BIG difference but im very curious.Another question about another compurt i own :will a K62 processior rated at 2.2v core work on mb supplying 2.5v or ( very risky or plain crazy). I would appreciate sane advice fellas . THANKS
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  1. 1.) Yes you can run your 233 at 300 as long as you have decent cooling.
    2.) You can run your 2.2v AMd at 2.5v. I in fact have used them at 2.8v without problems. You must have adequate cooling. And in case you did not know, with any of the 350MHz or faster K6-2's, setting the board to 2x sets the processor to 6x.

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  2. BTW, if your running Windows 95, you'll need to download and install the AMD update before going 300 or higher.

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  3. Thanks nimble knucle i really appreciate your help, but what would adequate cooling be for a p2 233@300 (you know the type with yhe plastic box around) , another fan or heat sink is best? No i didnt know about the multiplyer riddle in k62s thats great! Another question what do blocked multiplyer on a p2 mean, multiplyers are usually on boards and Ive never seen multiplyers on chips so ho do they block these babies, thanks.

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  4. If you have a heatsink with a fairly large fan, your probably OK. An easy way to tell is to put your hand on the heatsink while running a testing program, if it's warm, your ok, but if it's almost hot enough to burn you, better get something else. As a replacement, any cheap dual fan should be adequate.
    On the K6-2's to run at higher voltage, I recommend any oversized Celeron fan, but I prefer the large PIII cooler, which comes with PIII 933's and is available separately at several distributors for around $10. Thisw unit is almost silent in a closed case and will keep your processor extrememly happy. In order to use it on a Socket 7 I recommend ditching the factory clip and using a standard Pentium heatsink clip.

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