Netbook vs notebook vs laptop

netbook vs notebook vs laptop what should I get?

I need help!!! I am looking for a computer for school dont know what to get!
any help? :)
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  1. For college? Will this be your only computer, or will you have a desktop as your main computer?
    Don't get a netbook if you want to game.
    "Notebook" and "laptop" are interchangeable.
  2. a little information about what your planning do be using it for would be very helpful.
  3. If you are not gonna play any games then I suppose a netbook will work out for you. However, a netbook is meant to compliment a laptop or desktop (in my opinion) since it is considered a rather weak computer.

    If this device is going to be your sole "computer", then I would opt for a laptop since it can provide you with flexibility in a heavier package. You can opt for one of the lighter laptops (below 4 lbs), but they generally costs more and may lack an integrated DVD drive. And of course, have lower gaming potential than a heavier laptop.
  4. bobthebob said:
    netbook vs notebook vs laptop what should I get?

    I need help!!! I am looking for a computer for school dont know what to get!
    any help? :)

    Hi there,

    A notebook and a laptop refer to the same type of computer. I would recommend getting a laptop for college, since it will be able to run more programs and store more files and photos. Netbooks also typically don't have optical drives, although they are very light and portable. What do you plan on using your computer for?

    MSFT Windows Outreach Team
  5. You have to consider your needs and wants-
    1. Consider size and weight. Do you want to carry it around a lot or just use it in your room? A netbook will be the smallest and lightest, but doesn't have much power and the screen is hard to work on.
    2. How much power do you need, i.e. are you going to try to play elaborate games on it or just use it for school work?

    I recommend a 13" ultralight if you are going to carry it around much. These are much more powerful than netbooks but not much heavier. They also have good battery life and the 13" screen is much better for working than the 10" netbook screen. They aren't more expensive than midrange notebooks but they are more expensive than netbooks. I have one of these, a Toshiba T135. I don't know what their current model is but Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Acer and ASUS were all making similar models a year ago.

    If you need to play games then you will have to find a 14" or 15" notebook with better processor and better gpu. You can still carry it around some but it will be heavier and won't have as much battery life. And a notebook with a good gpu will be more expensive.
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