Typing ]]] by itself

1. During start up beeping sound came out
2. As to login, it types automatically with ]]]]]]]]]]]
3. Has to press esc and backspace until the ato-type activity idle for a while just in time to provide my password
4. It actively switch from one application to another application and has to press esc button continously until the activity become idle
5. Running the purchased Kaspersky 2010 , detected trojan and remove the virus, but still the bogus activity remain the same
6. Download trojan remover scan trojan activity and remove the virus, but still the bogus activity remains the same
Please help
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  1. Sounds like a hardware fault.

    Could even just be liquid in the keyboard. Unless you've successfully removed and replaced a keycap on this keyboard I would exercise great caution before removing one -- they can be hard to get back on. But I think that leaving it to see if the problem goes away or checking the key mechanism may be your only options.
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