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What's the common temperature for AMD Athlon Th-bird to work properly? Is the over heating over 70 degree Celcius will cause permanent damage for the CPU? if not, how high is the temperature will cause permanent damage the CPU? is that also cause the shorter life span for the CPU also?
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  1. Continue reading this message thread, this question has been answered numerous times.If you want your Thunderbird to run cooler, buy the recommended (Tom's Hardware Guide) Socket A CPU Fan - FOP32-1 and install with Arctic Thermal Silver paste, and you'll notice your processor will run cooler. I have a 1 GHZ Tbird installed in an ASUS A7V, that would hit over 50 degrees centigrade frequently, and as I speak now, the CPU is at 41(ASUSPROBE). You can pick them up on the net for under 20. I got mine with the paste for 21.95. I think in the long run it will be a wise investment..Good Luck...
  2. thanks for the answer, but it happen that the CPU was overheated once at 90 degree Celcius, is that Okie for the CPU? I mean is there any permanent damage occured when the temperature reachs 90 degrees?
  3. If it overheated to 90 Celcius, and is still running(you must have had a fan failure?), I'd say you were pretty lucky. Was that an ASUS probe temp? High temps will definetily shorten the life span of your CPU. Don't let it get that hot again. The CPU will let you know in short order if there was any damage,,generally by not functioning......Good luck
  4. Where did you order your FOP32-1?
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