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Win7 Blue Screen...

Not suer where to post thsi...

PC was working fine, then Blue Screened, and now Blue Screens when ever started.

Gets to the User Login page, and Blue Screens if left there, or if a Login done.

Booted from the Win7 CD and tried a rollback - wouldn't do it.

Then ran Hardware/Ram test from the CD and a hardware error is reported within the first 1% of the test - but I can't see the Log as this is shown only on Login - which I can't get to...

Any ideas what hardware is checked within the first 1% of testing?
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    If you got more than one dimm of RAM, unplug all of them except one dimm.
    If the BSOD still occurs, try to cycle between the dimm's and the slots.
  2. What does the bluescreen say? There is more there than just a pretty color.
  3. Hi Matan, got it - is was one stick of RAM that had failed!

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