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AMD K6-3 vs. K6-3+

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February 17, 2001 1:22:22 PM

There has been a comparing test on the K6-2, K6-2+ and K6-3+ CPU's on THG. Unfortunately, the original K6-3 was not included. I wonder how the K6-3+ performs compared to the original K6-3. Does anyone know of a test that compares both CPU's anywhere on the web?

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February 17, 2001 2:04:57 PM

I don't know of any reviews but the plus should have the same performance but run alot cooler.
February 17, 2001 2:51:20 PM

The above post is right, there is no difference in performance between the K6-3 and the k6-3+. The difference lies in the core shrink ( .25 to .18) this allowed the k6-3+ to run at lower voltage and consume less power making it feasable to run it in a notebook machine, this is why you will not see many k6-3 vs k6-3+ test do to the fact they are virtually the same. Due to the core shrink and increased effecincy the + series is alot more overclocker freindly however. The only problem is that your motherboards bios needs to support the + to use it.

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February 19, 2001 7:57:03 AM

Have replaced K6-2 500 with a K6-3 450+ and OC'ed it to 550 and still runnin' 6-7c less at 2 volts than the K6-2.