AMD K6-3 vs. K6-3+

There has been a comparing test on the K6-2, K6-2+ and K6-3+ CPU's on THG. Unfortunately, the original K6-3 was not included. I wonder how the K6-3+ performs compared to the original K6-3. Does anyone know of a test that compares both CPU's anywhere on the web?

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  1. I don't know of any reviews but the plus should have the same performance but run alot cooler.
  2. The above post is right, there is no difference in performance between the K6-3 and the k6-3+. The difference lies in the core shrink ( .25 to .18) this allowed the k6-3+ to run at lower voltage and consume less power making it feasable to run it in a notebook machine, this is why you will not see many k6-3 vs k6-3+ test do to the fact they are virtually the same. Due to the core shrink and increased effecincy the + series is alot more overclocker freindly however. The only problem is that your motherboards bios needs to support the + to use it.

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  3. Have replaced K6-2 500 with a K6-3 450+ and OC'ed it to 550 and still runnin' 6-7c less at 2 volts than the K6-2.
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