We have an old 120mhz Acer laptop in good condition. Can I put a 233mhz socket 7 cpu in the laptop, and will it run correctly? Are there special cpu's for laptops?
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  1. Fat chance. Good luck.

    -MP Jesse
  2. Thanks, it was worth a try.
  3. laptops suk, they are almost as hard to upgrade as compaqs... unless they are compaq laptops! Oy!

    -AMD's are not for the faint of heart... Intels? those are for newbies :o)-
  4. Compaq? Can you say RISER BOARD? $%@^$@&%^#$#^!!!!!!!!
    I hate those things. seriously, though. Most laptops are truly one of a kind when it comes to configurations. You may get lucky and be able to pop in a p200 but the 233mmxs came with different voltage requirements as well as multipliers. No go for your current mobo.

    Wherever you go, there you are.
  5. Some of the older penium laptops were shipped with socketed CPU with jumper block located next to it for adjusting multiplier.

    If you can remove a panel to expose your CPU you should be able to quickly determin if you can upgrade it.
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