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Toshiba A665-S6092 or Acer Aspire AS7745G-9823

Assume I'll get deeper into video editing in time, so maybe I should go with the i7 740QM vs AMD Phenom II Quad N950. Not sure which brand is better to get. Prices $915 or $965 - not much difference at Newegg. Toshiba 16" - better for carrying around and maybe get a 12 cell battery for it later if outside time dictates. Acer 17.3", easier to see maybe, but bigger 1/2 pound heavier with only 6 cell available I believe. But - mostly who has better quality and who stands up to time. Maybe this Toshiba does not have screen for easier viewing outside or backlit keyboard. Neither has any USB 3.0. From Toshiba website can get 640GB HD at 5400 or for $20 more 500 @7200, same Nvidia 330 for $1,019 or $1,039 depending on the HD. I know 7200RPM is better. Grateful to read warnings and review about Sony - loved the keyboard, but quite warm just sitting in idle all day at big box store. Knowing heat and dust kills - I see a shorter life there. Accounting keyboard killed most other brands for my. Advice, thoughts appreciated.
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    Looking at just the CPUs the 740QM has the advantage in most respects.
    That shows up in the Passmark CPU benchmark scores:
    AMD Phenom II N950 Quad-Core = 2699
    Intel Core i7 740QM @ 1.73GHz = 3618

    The Toshiba has unusually good speakers for a laptop. A 7200RPM HDD better matches the rest of the overall performance spec of either system. But I don't think it should be a go/no go decision point for what you plan. Same for the CPU even with the fairly large performance gap between Phenom II N950 and i7 740QM. Both CPUs have enough 'grunt' to get the work down.
  2. Thank You for all your help, it is greatly appreciated.
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