<b><font color=red><font color=blue>RULES:</font color=blue></b> Count only your computer(s). Count only computers that have your personal files on them. Don't count every computer that you have built or every computer you have at your office. If you have a home computer count that, and if you have a work computer count that. Don't count your daughter's computer or your neighbors computer. Only count the computer(s) that <font color=blue>you</font color=blue> use. I doubt you use 3 computers at home and 5 at work. If you really do use a lot of computers, then designate them as home, work, server,etc. This way we know that they are YOUR computers. I don't think we should count server or rendering farms, or computer labs. Lets keep this on a personal basis to the computers you use regularly. Do not count your old computers. Even if they run they DO NOT count. If you plan on upgrading put that in parenthesis after what you use NOW. If you have a computer on order, then you can count that as your current computer.</font color=red>
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  1. Intel (AMD)
  2. PIII 450 Katmai (Gaming/programming)
    Tbird 840@1000 (Gaming/programming)
    Both Home...
    Alpha Ev67(processor) (Programming)
    At work..

    -AMD's are not for the faint of heart... Intels? those are for newbies :o)-
  3. AMD classic @1 gig (gaming)
    AMD slot a t-bird @900 (gaming and file sharing)
    Amd socketa t-bird @900 ( gaming)
    P3 @ 825 ( all internet apps+gaming)

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  4. k6-2 400

    $If Money Is The Root Of All Evil Than I Must Be Goin To Heaven$
  5. Intel 2x600 (dual sys, main)
  6. Intel 486DX-100 (Print Server)
    Intel PIII-500 (Games, etc)
    Intel Celeron-500 laptop (Work on the road)
    AMD TBird-900 (Work computer but not 100% stable so it just sits in the corner and does SETI workunits)
    Intel dual PIII-800E (Work computer to replace TBird)

    - JW
  7. PIII 500 Work at home
    PII 450 Work at customer site
    Pentium-S 166 Home, family bookkeeping
    PIII 500 Home, Internet (Mrs. beans EverQuest/Internet)
  8. Intel PIII 733 (everything)
    Intel PII 266@350 (wife's & network games)
  9. Celery 300 OCed to 450
    Celery 433
    AMD 166

    Never under-estimate the power of stupid people in large groups!
  10. I have a TBird 1.2GHz and a Pentium2 333.

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  11. If we were going by how many systems we've built, AMD would win by 3000! LOL (I build computers.)

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  12. p3 500mhz (replace with AMD Tbird 850)
  13. AMD
  14. Athlon 800 Socket A AM YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I'M HAPPY

    INTEL sucks.....
  15. amd duron 700@920 gaming and internet (killed my 600@863)
    amd k6-2 400 dvd and internet
    intel p5 75@100 proxy server
    amd 5x86 133@160 linux box
    the first three also crank out seti units
    about 9hrs for durom, 30 hrs for the k6, and over 100 hrs for the p5.

    who is more foolish...
    the fool, or the fool that takes his advice?
  16. tbird 950 @ 1.1 gig and a p3-300
  17. P 233MMX
    Athlon T-Bird 1200
    both are home systems, recently upgraded to the tbird
    PII 300
    P 100
    at work, boy that p 100 sucks. I can't wait till they upgrade

    Wherever you go, there you are.
  18. Intel P2 350mhz
    Amd T-Bird 1.2Ghz
  19. P3 700 (home/work at home)
    p3 733 (work)
  20. amd tbird 1 giga hertz
    amd k6-2 450
  21. AMD Duron 750
    Intel P3 650
    AMD K6-2 333
    Intel Celeron 300a
  22. AMD t-bird 800 home gaming and internet
    k6-2 450 triple boot at work
    k6-2 500 laptop for travel

    T-Bird 800Mhz
    2X IBM 75GXP 30GB in RAID0 config
    Geforce2 32MB
    SB Live
  23. Desktop: Athlon Classic 750MHz@880MHz
    Laptop: PII 366MHz

    I AM Canadian.
  24. BTW Upgrading DT to 1.2GHz 266MHz Athlon as soon as I can find one, still have to format the above laptop in fact, old one was a Celeron 300MHz.

    I AM Canadian.
  25. PIII 700@1GHz (home)
    Alpha (lab)

    Suicide is painless...........
  26. Athlon 800Mhz OCed to 933Mhz (A7V133)
    use this computer for everything and runs 24/7
  27. So far that's about 29 Intel systems, 26 AMD systems and 2 Alpha posted. Keep them coming :P

    p.s. Where's all the Motorola (G3? G4?) ppl?
  28. Duron 600@1016 (programming/internet/games) - home
    Celeron 366@550 (programming/internet) - home
    K6-2 500 (internet/quake/warcraft2) - home
    Cyrix (it was free) PR200 (server) - home
    Pentium 100@133 (quake/warcraft)

    AMD for Life!
  29. AMD K-6 III 450 (experimenting/screwing it up)
    AMD T-Bird 900@1000 (gaming/internet)

    :tongue: <font color=green> I LOVE INTEL. It tastes like chicken </font color=green>
  30. Home main k6-2-450
    Work main PIII-450

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  31. AMD
  32. AMD Duron 800 =))
    Previous computers
    AMD k6-2 350
    AMD K5 133
    AMD k5 75

    AMD ALLL The way
  33. AMD
  34. AMD T-bird 800mHz
  35. AMD Athlon Classic 700(gaming, internet)
    AMD T_BIRD 1100(work/and play when I can get away with it)
    Intel 300a o/c 450 (file server)
    Intel celeron 500 laptop
    (dual AMD (@least 1.5 ghz) palominos once boards and cpus available)
  36. AMD tbird 1200@1333MHz (Home, main)
    AMD K6-III+ 450@600MHz (Home, file/print/DHCP)
    Intel pII 450 (Work, Workstation)
    AMD K6-2 450 (Work, Laptop)

  37. AMD T-Bird 1000@1210
  38. Celeron 400 (Home)
    Power Mac G4 450 (Work)
  39. Forgot to add my laptop. K6-2 450MHz.

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  40. At home,
    Tbird 1000
    Intel P200MMX
    At work,
  41. My computers: (home)

    AMD Thunderbird 950MHz (main computer)
    Intel Pentium 200MMX (my father uses it now, but I still use it for a file archive)
    Intel 486SX/33 (YOU try playing old DOS games with a modern computer! Long live Test Drive 3 ;) )
  42. It's late, but here's what I got so far. When this drops farther I'll double check and go official.

    AMD - 44
    INTEL- 41
    ALPHA- 2
    MAC - 1

    Upgrading went 100% to AMD
  43. Athlon Classic 650(gaming/internet)
    K6-2 400(network games with above and printing connection)

    I'm not saying I drink beer all the time, but beer isn't just for breakfast anymore.
  44. AMD Duron 750
  45. AMD Athlon classic @ 600 (C programming, Internet, SETI, CD burner -- at home)

    AMD Duron 700 OCd to 900 (games + MP3 playing - home)

    Pentium Pro 200 (Linux server + C development home)

    Pentium II @ 350 ( MS office + C development +internet work)
  46. All of these are at home and I will not count my Pc's at work...

    PII 350 128mb (Testing Platform)
    PII 300 384mb (Firewall/Proxy server for my cable modem)
    Athlon Classic 750 512mb W2K server( database/ PDC)
    Tbird 1ghz 512mb (everything else my main PC)
    PII 300 128 mb Laptop (working away)

    I also have several at work but they only kind of belong to me cos I own part of the company..


    UK Prices are <font color=red>toooooooooo</font color=red> high , keep competition going to bring em down :smile:
  47. Home:
    Athlon 1GHz
    Pentium 3 650 (laptop)

    Sun Sparcstation
  48. At Work:
    500 Mhz PIII (1999) then
    800@900 Mhz Athlon Orig Slot A (Apr 2000) then
    900@1000 Mhz Athlon T-Bird Socket A (Okt 2000)
    1200@1330 Mhz (9.5x140) Athlon T-Bird on A7V133

    At Home:
    1200@1330 Mhz (9.5x140) Athlon T-Bird on A7V133

    No problem whatsoever with any of them. running for weeks without reboot usually.

    Cheers to Tom's Hardware.
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