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Impulsive buying lead me into buying this T510 for my brother and sadly I don't even know if it could run any games. Not hardcore games, some examples of games my brother would play on it would be Gunz, Maplestory and League of Legends. Could it possibly run those considering this is a i5 core?

Full list of specs:

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  1. Bump, somebody please help!
  2. Your link does not work. I am assuming you are linking to the ThinkPad T510 with the nVidia NVS 3100m video card and not the Intel GMA integrated video.

    The ThinkPad series is meant for business users. As an owner of an old IBM ThinkPad T40 from 2003, I can tell you they have high build quality since mine still works.

    However, it's not really meant for gaming. It is possible to play some games at low settings though. The Intel GMA are the weakest video solution around. The NVS 3100M is probably the equivalent to that of the GeForce 310M, however the drivers for it are optimized for business related applications rather than games from the little bit of research I was doing since I am thinking about buying another ThinkPad.

    Overall the NVS 3100M might be equivalent to the AMD/ATI Mobility HD 5450 which basically offers twice the performance of the integrated Intel GMA. The Mobility HD 5450 is most likely weaker than the desktop version of the HD 5450. A few benchmarks of the Mobility HD 5870 pegs it somewhere in between the performance of the desktop versions of the HD 5750 and HD 5770.

    If you ordered it and have not received it, then simply do not accept the package. You will lose the shipping charges you paid on it, but it is small in comparison to the laptop itself.

    If you received it and opened the package, then you will have to determine if paying return shipping and a more than likely 15% restocking fee is worth getting back most of your money to either keep or to buy a more appropriate laptop for your bro.
  3. Alright well here are the specs for the T510

    Intel® Core™ i5-560M Processor ( 2.66GHz 1066MHz 3MB )
    Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64
    Intel HD Graphics
    4 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1066MHz
    15.6" HD AntiGlare 1366x768
    UltraNav (TrackPoint and Multi-touch TouchPad)
    320GB 7200
    DVD Recordable (Dual Layer)
    9 Cell Lithium-Ion

    As for the package, it has not arrived yet, infact, I placed the order just 2 days ago I was shocked at how low the price went after the boxing week coupon. After taxes it was around $860 CAD. The invoice says it is confirmed, I was wondering if I could cancel it because I saw this Sony Vaio laptop and I think it would be much better for my brother.

    Intel® Core™ Quad i5-460M processor (2.53GHz)
    Microsoft Windows® 7 Home Premium
    ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5470 GPU (512MB VRAM)
    4GB (2GBx2) DDR3-SDRAM-1066
    15.5" VAIO Display with LED backlight (1366 x 768)
    320 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive [7200 rpm]
    Extended Battery

    I could get this for about $10 CAD cheaper, around $850 and both of them have free shipping. Now I'm just debating on which one to go for. Also thanks a lot for your help!
  4. Usually when it gets to the confirmation stage you cannot cancel your order.

    You can call Lenovo on Monday and ask them to cancel. If it is not possible, then simply refuse the package. However, read the fine print since a returned product may be subject to restocking fee (typically 15% in the US) whether the package has been opened or not.

    If a restocking is applicable, then you need to decide your next step.

    1. The ThinkPad T510 is not for gaming, so if you decide to keep and give it to your brother, he may not really use which means you just basically wasted money on a laptop for nothing.

    2. The Sony is definitely a better gaming machine than the T510, but the HD 5470 is still consider relatively weak in the grand scheme of things. But you need add the potential loss on returning the T510 to the total amount of money you are dishing out for the Sony.

    3. Simply accept the potential loss on the restocking fee of the Lenovo and end it right here. If you didn't tell your brother you were gonna buy him a laptop, then he's none the wiser.
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