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Who is going to help me with my disney channel petition? Bringing back old shows like Kim possible, Recess, Fillmore, Bugs bunny, Chip and dale and lot more...

the disney 65 episode rule is:

1. all shows on disney should have only 65 EPISODES (That's ludicrous)
2. after the 65 episodes they just show REPEATS!!! (i hate them!!!)
3. The show after one year gets scrapped and new shows come (....cant they just keep 'em on???)
please help me with my petition at www.gopetition.com/online/16657.html

please feel free to post questios and i will at some point over the day reply via my very busy life.
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  1. m8, wrong section - i know it is the right one in theory, but no one comes here, bar occasional randomers like me
  2. Disney is racist. Some would also call it hxcore.
  3. Some of the shows are good. Like amdfangirl said, Kim Possible is awesome. Love Ron Stoppable as well.
  4. how come it let me vote for all the options?
  5. how come it let me vote for all the options?
  6. For what its worth, I got disgusted with the Disney company years ago. I'm an old guy and I remember what Disney was like when Walt was in charge. I raised a kid and he liked Disney at first, but mainly the old classic films. With he new stuff, it was the constant reruns, predictability in all the scripts, and generally poor quality that finally turned him off. I really don't think the management has had a clue for a long time. On one hand, they realize that people like the old classics a lot, so those keep getting re-released, but instead of trying to make good quality shows that sell, they keep throwing out junk for their new stuff, and if they do produce something good, they only make a season or two of new shows and then put them into perpetual reruns.
  7. Oh please Toms - F I X T H E F R I G G I N G P O L L S! Is it that difficult?
  8. Disney is Great
  9. Disney is Gay!
  10. Disney is a great company, a good move was when it decided to buy Marvel out. Marvel is just booming especially in the movie industry. I guess disney's business ethics stands out.
  11. Disney gives tremendous movies like wall-e, up. They maintain their standards.
  12. I love Disney cartoon film, and my favorite is Smallville!
  13. Disney is
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